The Rob Carson Show

Weekdays 6PM–8PM

Few knew how to truly build an audience using informative news, exciting talk and humor better than Rob Carson. A veteran talk show host, comedy writer and podcaster, for years Rob was one of the "secret sauces" behind the success of Rush Limbaugh's radio show.

Then Rob started his own video show on YouTube called Rob Carson's What in the World . . . and it developed such a huge following, it got the notice of media powerhouse Newsmax. Soon, Newsmax signed Rob to a weekend TV show, putting his What in the World in over 100 million homes. And the public loved it! His TV ratings shot up over 40% in just months and continue to grow.

He hits the biggest news topics and mixes in media audio clips as he adds his own hilarious "stream of consciousness" comments. Listeners love it as they laugh out loud. In addition to newsworthy guests, Rob makes callers a big part of his show, his fellow Americans are his cast! Rob has worked in some of America's largest markets, including New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Kansas City.

"Rob Carson provides talk radio's listeners with information that really matters," said Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy.

"Conservative talk needs real news with some entertainment," added Marc Beaven, General Manager of WCBM/Baltimore, flagship station for show. "That's what Rob did with Rush and what he'll do for us."